Submission Guidelines

Writer’s Guidelines

GLM is designed to lead women into a life of discipleship and an intimate relationship with God. We are looking for inspirational stories and articles that are based on biblical truths founded on the fact that God loves women.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build strong foundations for women in their ministry, marriage, and parenting. We want to open their eyes to the biblical vision and God’s purpose for women.

Our Principles

Male and Female There is no difference

All articles must use Jesus’ love as a guideline. No article will be accepted with a doctrine that teaches women are not accepted into the new Kingdom as Jesus set up – but are still under the old law. Jesus died to set us free and to give us a place in His ministry. Jesus restored God’s order and brought His kingdom to earth.


We believe that everyone has a place in the great commission. Evangelism should be an active part in today’s community. If you write sermons, or articles on faith, belief, and miracles then feel free to post.

Permanence of Marriage

We believe that God meant for marriage to last forever. However, Due to the hardness of men’s hearts he allows divorce. It is not the unforgivable sin. Neither marriage or remarriage are an eternal sin.

Glorify God

All we do should glorify God and soften other’s hearts to His word.

Submission Guidelines

Our articles need to be well written, easy to understand, and biblically based. There is a simple format:

Only 1 or 2 principles per article

Keep the language and grammar simple

Avoid preaching

Be a mentor – not an expert

Write for the heart

Use personal stories when possible

No condemnation or contempt

Add and highlight 1 catch phrase or statement that the reader can take away with them.

Use strong verbs and direct statements. Try to avoid passive voice. Avoid cliche’s

Avoid Christian slang

Write out bible verses

in full – there is a tool in the ‘post’ section to add relevant verses.

Submitting Christian Inspirational Stories or Poems

These should be personal stories or poems. Biblically based, They can be any Christian Genre. The poem or story needs to be messaged to Admin via the profile

Submitting Sermons

All sermons will be reviewed by a pastor. They must be in short, simple format, bullet form where necessary. Submit sermons to admin in text format via the message tool on the admin profile. MP3s will be submitted later

Article Formatting

All articles should be posted to your blog as a draft. An editor will go over them.

500 – 1000 words. If longer, make 2 posts and link them.

Follow the AP or Chicago Style

Images are good, but must be from a royalty free website.

Article Payment

Not all articles are paid for. We do buy articles on certain topics. If you have an article you’d like to submit then post it to the blog with the words “FOR PAYMENT” in the subject line and save the post as a draft. This will direct the post to a separate editor.

Any author may choose to promote their work, ministry, books, courses, church, etc from their profile and blog. Main website articles must only promote within a 2 line signature at the bottom of the page. Publishing to the main website (except on a feed) is by invitation only. Contact Admin if you would like to write for one of the topics.

Payment is via paypal. No alternative arrangements will be made.

How to Submit Paid Articles

We do not pay for articles that have not been approved by our editorial Staff. Article outlines need to be submitted to Admin via the message tool. GLM only compensates approved articles. Writers can work on an article until it meets approval guidelines.

Compensation will be determined depending on the type and topic of the article.

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